Los Cuñaos restaurant

This week, Dónde comer en Málaga heads to the unparalleled Pedregalejo for a beach session interrupted by the sweet crackle of fryers and the soft aroma of roasted pepper salad.

Los Cuñao Restaurant: A Chiringuito in Pedregalejo

Los Cuñao is a beachside restaurant in Pedregalejo that dates back to 1983. It is one of the many beachside eateries in the area where you can enjoy skewers of sardines, fried fish, paella, and other typical dishes of Malaga’s gastronomy.

Pedregalejo Beach: A Great Spot for Families

Pedregalejo Beach is especially interesting if you have children, as it has shallow water areas where kids can play without the water being too deep. It’s ideal for spending the whole day at the beach and, since we’re at it, eating at one of the beachside eateries. Today, we’re talking about Los Cuñao.

What to Eat and Drink

As a good beachside restaurant, what you eat here is skewers, fried fish, grilled fish, and paella. For drinks, they have the full range of Cruzcampo beers, so I recommend having a glass of red wine with lemon or, if you need a beer urgently, order El Alcázar, a beer that, although distributed by the Heineken Group, is at least artisanal from Jaén and worth drinking.

Restaurante Los Cuñao - Pedregalejo El Palo (Málaga)

The price marked for the skewers of sardines was €3 per skewer. That price is a guarantee that you won’t be ripped off. If they’re more expensive, at least you can expect better quality, but at €3, you know what you’re getting.

Restaurante Los Cuñao - Pedregalejo El Palo (Málaga)

We opted for a mixed fried fish platter for three, so we could try a little bit of everything. The platter includes open anchovies, Roman-style squid, adobo, small squid, rosada, and jellyfish.

Keep an eye on the portion sizes because our platter for three turned out to be a bit too large, despite being for two adults and three children. But we noticed the table next to us, with two people who ordered a fried fish platter for two, and they ended up with the same result. It would be great if they could provide a container to take leftovers. Wasting food is a huge shame.

Restaurante Los Cuñao - Pedregalejo El Palo (Málaga)

As always, we recommend eating fried fish without lemon and with roasted pepper salad. In this case, the salad was correct, although it’s not a dish that can be particularly highlighted.

Restaurante Los Cuñao - Pedregalejo El Palo (Málaga)

Gluten-Free Options

Apart from the skewers, there was a variety of grilled fish (rosada, jellyfish…) and skewered fish (we saw a squid the size of an arm pass by). Of course, there was also paella. Unfortunately, the fried fish didn’t have gluten-free options, like some other places that use chickpea flour.

Restaurante Los Cuñao - Pedregalejo El Palo (Málaga)

Los Cuñao is a beachside restaurant that we can definitely recommend. With beachside eateries, it’s very difficult to recommend one, as any place that meets two basic criteria (fresh fish and well-fried) is already recommendable. It’s easier to distinguish the bad ones and avoid them than the good ones.

Los Cuñao is one of the recommendable ones.

Restaurante Los Cuñao - Pedregalejo El Palo (Málaga)

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